Learning to Shoot

In my time spent at the gun range I have heard many stories about  men attempting to teach their girlfriends the wonders of the world of shooting. The stories all end the same way, the man and woman end up fighting and the woman decides she hates shooting and never tries it again. The sport of shooting is not like football or soccer, mistakes can get people killed. When a person is first being introduced to the rules of safe shooting, a clear student teacher relationship must be present. Most couples find this difficult as it places one person in a position of superiority and inevitably a fight ensues. It happens even when the girl is the teacher and the man the student (it is perhaps even more likely in such a case). This is why first time shooters should NOT, I repeat, NOT learn from their boyfriend or husband. Instead, learn from a friend you are not in a relationship with or even better, a professional instructor. Not only does this save your relationship, it allows you to properly enjoy shooting.