Choosing A Shotgun

From Natalie Foster from the Girl’s Guide to Guns writes, “Shooting gives us a sense of equality, a sense of safety, a sense of being in control of ourselves. That sense of control is empowering, and is something we should seek in other aspects of our life. This, along with the ‘tough woman’ image of shooting guns, gives us a more positive self-image, which is a powerful thing.”

March 4, 2015

Heide Kaser’s Shotgun 101

Heide Kaser
July 15, 2011

  “Despite all odds, I was determined to accomplish two things:  learn to shoot properly without pain, and share with others (especially women), the training and tricks I had learned over time. Thirteen years later, armed with the knowledge that comes from first-hand experience and training, I was hired by the NRA’s Law Enforcement Activities Division. I had the opportunity to share what I had learned by training police officers…