This website is for girls and women that, like me, grew up around guns or for chics that want to know more and just need a place to get more info where the testosterone level is less overpowering.

My call-sign is “Tomcat” (what, your family doesn’t have call-signs?). I have a call-sign because back when I was 9, if I wanted to play Ghost Recon online with family and friends, I had to have a call-sign. Top Gun was my favorite movie when I was growing up and the F-14s that “Maverick” and “Iceman” flew in that move are called Tomcats.

I spent many a night “neutralizing” virtual bad guys with, “Qball”, “High-power”, “Bluey”, “Maverick”, “D-Day”, “Big Mac” and “3wire”.

Around that same time I shot my first gun, a colt 9mm sub-gun. My dad said I was Senator Feinstein’s worst nightmare, a 9-year-old with a machine gun.

I played every violent video game I could find, have shot everything from suppressed 22 pistols to belt-fed machine guns, can hold sub MOA groups out to at least 800 yards with a precision rifle and have somehow managed to not go on a crazed five-state killing spree.

Maybe you have a similar background or maybe you just want to know more about guns, either way, welcome aboard.