Women Infantry

From: Warrior Times   “The official USMC policy is that females may not serve in the Infantry, Armor, or Artillery units. That policy has been altered to allow Female Marines to accompany patrols into the Afghan countryside in order to communicate with the local men and women in ways that local customs do not allow their male counterparts to accomplish. Cpl. Christina Oliver, center, and other female Marines attached to…

July 17, 2011

British Medic Receives Medal for Heroism

July 14, 2011

Lance Corporal Kylie Watson was awarded the Military Cross, the third highest medal in the British system given for courage,  for disregarding her own safety in order to save the life of an Afghan soldier. He had been shot twice in the pelvis and was under heavy Taliban fire when Watson rushed to his side and performed life-saving first aid. On another note… has anyone noticed that all of the…


Brit Chics

The British Army 2 Rifles has been in the thick of it in Afghanistan. The Brits have a ton of women serving with them on the front lines, most of them medics. Below is a video of a firefight between the 2 Rifles and enemy combatants.

July 12, 2011