Women Warriors

I have a subscription to Marine Times, a magazine/newspaper dedicated to information about and for the Marine Corps. My father set it up due to my determination to join once I have graduated. I was excited originally, reading articles about the men and women I have looked up to since infancy. It was about the third or fourth issue that held a story that shined a light on a part of the world I had not experienced. Now I am not die-hard feminist, all of the men I’ve known in my life not only accepted my dreams of service but encouraged them. This article discussed the ongoing debate over whether women are capable of serving on the front lines next to men. The author did not state his/her own opinion but had five others from various Marines of multiple ranks. Only one believed women would be valuable in combat. I read four different Marines explain that women weren’t strong enough to carry another wounded soldier to safety, or be able to deal with living with little provisions and almost no hygiene. Before I read this article, I idolized all Marines. Simply being in the Corps made you my hero. But I realized that in this world, there are those that cannot deal with change. There are people who are small minded, that cannot be reasoned with and they can be members of even the greatest factions. We as women must learn to be the better men and simply prove them wrong, because while men and women are vastly different, we are also unbelievably similar.