Ranger School May Open To Women

From MilitaryTimes.com: Capt. Emily Hannenberg, of the 554th Engineer Battalion at Fort Leonard Wood, graduated from the Sapper Leader Course in 2008. The 2007 West Point graduate said if given the chance, she would welcome the opportunity to attend Ranger School — but only if the standards remain the same for men and women.

June 26, 2012

Low Recoil Pistols

From American Rifleman: When considering the purchase of a low-recoil defensive pistol, we have to ask some important questions. Is a bigger handgun the better handgun if our loved one can’t tolerate the recoil? Is using the correct model of handgun as important to their self-defense plan as finding a model they will practice with? Should we write off pistols that our friends or family would buy and shoot on…

June 15, 2012

Navy Reservist on Olympic Shooting Team

From Navy.mil: As an information systems technician, Uptagrafft has not received applicable weapons training in the Navy that aided her in making the team. She does give credit to her assigned unit, 3rd Naval Construction Regiment, with whom she made a nine-month deployment to Kandahar, Afghanistan from 2010-2011, with being a true enabler.

June 14, 2012