Free $100 Worth of Ammo with Your SCAR Purchase

From Warrior Times (

“When you buy selected models of FN rifles, pistols and carbines between June 27 and August 31, 2011, FNH USA will reimburse you up to $150.00 for ammunition purchased at the same time from the same dealer.

… Visit for full promotion information and rebate forms.”

This is a pretty awesome deal considering how cool these things are. I first shot the SCAR-L in 2006 before they were available to the public. Yeah, that’s right. A fifteen year-old girl was one of the few to get a first hand look at some of the most advanced weaponry used by our armed forces at the annual NDIA Live Fire Event. There were rocket launchers, new models of many rifles, and it was there that I first shot a .338 Lapua sniper rifle. Below is a video my dad shot of me testing out the SCAR. If you look close, the guy that’s showing me the mechanics of it is pretty hot… not to mention bad ass.